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Turk Hij Den Biyol Derg: 73 (1)
Volume: 73  Issue: 1 - 2016
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1.TBHEB 2016-1 Vol 73 Full Printed Journal
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.02438  Pages 0 - 98
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2.Clonal Analysis of Vancomycin-Resistant Enterocci Strains by rep-PCR Method
Seyit Ahmet Bayık, İpek Mumcuoğlu, Şenol Kurşun, Neriman Aksu
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.94809  Pages 1 - 8

3.Antibiotic Resistance and Metallo-Beta-Lactamase Positivity in Carbapenem-Resistant Non-Fermentative Gram-Negative Bacilli
Mustafa Güzel, Yasemin Genç, Altan Aksoy, Penka Moncheva, Petya Hristova
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.55706  Pages 9 - 14

4.Evaluation of Risk factors of Candida albicans and non-albicans Candida Candidemia in a Tertiary-Care Hospital for Three Years.
Hikmet Eda Alışkan, Emine Duygu Bozkırlı, Şule Çolakoğlu, Müge Demirbilek
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.49369  Pages 15 - 24

5.Acinetobacter species isolated from various clinical specimens between 2006-2011 years and their susceptibilities against antibiotics
Cafer Eroğlu, Nevzat Ünal, Adil Karadağ, Hava Yılmaz, İbrahim Çağatay Acuner, Murat Günaydın
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.68915  Pages 25 - 32

6.Evaluation of anti-Toxoplasma IgM-IgG Seropositivity among Women in Reproductive Period, Who Amitted to Suleyman Demirel University Hospital
Ayşe Aynali, Buket Cicioğlu Arıdoğan, Esra Nur Tola, Süleyman Önal, Emel Sesli Çetin
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.35683  Pages 33 - 38

7.Evaluation of knowledge and attitudes of a university hospital auxiliary staff about hospital infections
Selma İnfal, Tahir Kemal Şahin
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.93064  Pages 39 - 48

8.Case report: A case of otitis externa due to Vibrio alginolyticus
Irmak Baran, Aydın Acar, Yasemin Genç, Neriman Aksu
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.90592  Pages 49 - 54

9.Vaccine Epidemiology: Epidemiologic Measures of the Effects of a Vaccine and Vaccination
Can Hüseyin Hekimoğlu
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.90377  Pages 55 - 70

10.The Nature Of Enterococcal Biofilm Structure, A Risk Factor For Human And Animal Health
Maryam Dıanı, Mohammad Nima Arıafar, Nefise Akçelik
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.48802  Pages 71 - 80

11.Polycystic ovary syndrome and molecular approaches
Alp Aydos, Yasemin Öztemur, Bala Gür Dedeoğlu
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2015.09327  Pages 81 - 88

12.An re-emerging arboviral infectious agent: Zika virus
Yavuz Uyar
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.80269  Pages 89 - 98

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