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Turk Hij Den Biyol Derg: 75 (3)
Volume: 75  Issue: 3 - 2018
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1.Surveillance and Control of Invasive Aedes Species in the Eastern Black Sea Area of Turkey
Muhammet Mustafa Akıner, Berna Demirci, Hilal Bedir, Ahmet Ferhat Doğan, Akgün Gökdemir, Seher Topluoğlu, Ünal Altuğ, Zehra Özlem Kurtcebe, Hasan Irmak
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2018.68736  Pages 225 - 238

2.TBHEB 2018-3 Vol 75 Full Printed Journal
Utku Ercömart
Pages 225 - 322
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3.Effects of Colchicine on Cell Cycle Arrest and MMP-2 mRNA Expression in MCF 7 Breast Adenocarcinoma Cells
Filiz Bakar Ateş, Nuri Özmen, Ecem Kaya Sezginer, Emin Emre Kurt
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2018.22755  Pages 239 - 244

4.Detection of Coxiella burnetii antibodies in patients with suspicion of brucellosis and atypical pneumonia by ELISA and IFA methods
Alev Çetin Duran, Cem Ergon
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2018.23255  Pages 245 - 252

5.Investigation of Synthesis, Molecular Modeling and Monoaminoxidase Inhibitor Activity of a New 2-Pyrazoline Compound
Begüm Evranos Aksöz, Gülberk Uçar, Kemal Yelekçi
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2018.59219  Pages 253 - 264

6.Evaluation of surgical site infections detected in a tertiary care hospital.
Halide Aslaner, Esragül Akıncı, Ayşe But, Dilek Kanyılmaz, Aliye Baştuğ, Adalet Aypak, Meltem Arzu Yetkin, Pınar Öngürü, Hürrem Bodur
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2018.77150  Pages 265 - 276

7.Investigation of food poisoning in a hospital cafeteria
Özlem Terzi, Şule Özdemir, Mustafa Yasin Selçuk
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2018.60783  Pages 277 - 286

8.Recurrent Urinary Myiasis Caused By Psychoda Albipennis
Çiğdem Torun Edis, Özlem Erol, Aycan Gazyağcı, Mehmet Kavak
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2018.59455  Pages 287 - 290

9.Autophagy in Viral Infections
Onur Ülgenalp, B. Taylan Koç, Tuba Çiğdem Oğuzoğlu
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2018.79923  Pages 291 - 304

10.Drugs subject to special storage conditions or cold chain and evaluation in terms of applications
Berrin Küçüktürkmen, Asuman Bozkır
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2018.67674  Pages 305 - 322

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