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Turk Hij Den Biyol Derg: 73 (2)
Volume: 73  Issue: 2 - 2016
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1.TBHEB 2016-2 Vol 73 Full Printed Journal
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.80008  Pages 98 - 198
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2.Human brucellosis in Thailand: reported cases summary
Joob Beuy, Viroj Wiwanitkit
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.10846  Pages 99 - 100
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3.Clinical characteristics and incidence of bacterial and viral pathogens in patients hospitalized with community acquired pneumonia in childhood in Konya between October 2008 and February 2010
Sadiye Sert, Melike Emiroğlu, Uğur Arslan, Osman Koç, Rahmi Örs
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.86547  Pages 101 - 110

4.Genotoxic and cytotoxic effects of formic acid on human lymphocytes in vitro
Pınar Aksu, Gökhan Nur, Süleyman Gül, Ayşe Erciyas, Zeynep Tayfa, Tülay Diken Allahverdi, Ertuğrul Allahverdi
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.82621  Pages 111 - 120

5.Isolation and characterization of Vibrio spp. from anchovy and garfish in the Sinop province
Cumhur Avşar, İsmet Berber, Ahmet Kenan Yıldırım
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.58815  Pages 121 - 130

6.Evaluation of food poisoning of Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin source in 2013 in the Marmaris district of Muğla, Turkey
Celal Tutuş, Demet Börekçi, Gürcan Parcıklı, Fehminaz Temel, Mustafa Bahadır Sucaklı
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.79847  Pages 131 - 138

7.The knowledge and behaviour of workers on food hygiene who worked in a company providing catering and distribution service to the health institutions in Izmir
Şadan Köksal, Ahmet Soysal, Gül Ergör, Gülşah Kaner
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.39129  Pages 139 - 148

8.The mosquito fauna of Istanbul and susceptibility of Culex pipens larvae to Bacillus spp. bacteriae
Erdal Polat, Serdar Mehmet Altınkum, Fadime Yılmaz, Sema Turan Uzuntaş, Yaşar Bağdatlı
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.48254  Pages 149 - 156

9.To create awareness of serological tests instead of ERCP for fascioliasis diagnosis among physicians: A case report
Ayşegül Aksoy Gökmen, Bayram Pektaş, Mehmet Camcı, Celal Buğdacı, Erkan Yula, Selçuk Kaya, Mustafa Demirci
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.93196  Pages 157 - 160

10.Vaccine epidemiology: epidemiologic study designs for vaccine effectiveness
Can Hüseyin Hekimoğlu
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.28482  Pages 161 - 174

11.Serological diagnosis of fungal infections
Asuman Birinci, Yeliz Tanrıverdi Çaycı
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.74418  Pages 175 - 182

12.Digital PCR and applications
Ahmet Çarhan, Elif Ercan, Tuğba Yalçınkaya
doi: 10.5505/TurkHijyen.2016.48902  Pages 183 - 198

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